Home News Sir Charles Njonjo dies aged 101, cremated in 3 hours

Sir Charles Njonjo dies aged 101, cremated in 3 hours


Sir Charles Njonjo is dead.

The Duke of Kabeteshire Sir Charles Njonjo who was the first post-independence Attorney General passed away peacefully on Sunday at 5 AM aged 101, at his home in Nairobi, according to his family.

Njonjo has already been cremated at the Kariokor Cemetary in Nairobi. His family was following his last wishes that were very strict.

Sir Charles Njonjo who is known for his signature suits that were imported from England and his English mannerisms left clear instructions of getting cremated immediately after his dead because he didn’t want funeral-related fanfare.

Njonjo was the only surviving member of the independence Cabinet of founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

“Charles Njonjo was very clear in his instructions that he be cremated immediately after his death; he didn’t want funeral-related fanfare. He wanted to be cremated almost immediately after death. So we have fulfilled his wish,” a family member only identified as Mr. Ngini said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s mourned and paid tribute to the first Attorney General describing him as a “selfless leader” who contributed immensely to Kenya’s independence.

“The passing away of Hon. Njonjo is a big blow not only to his immediate family, friends, and relatives but to all Kenyans and indeed, the entire African continent because of his leading role in the founding of the Kenyan nation at independence,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a statement from State House.

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