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“Siwezi Oa Ng’ombe Mzee Kama Hizi” Pastor Ng’ang’a Shamelessly Slams Old Women In His Church

Pastor James Maina Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism Center. Photo: Courtesy

Controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a disparaged old women in his church while narrating how he resisted attempts to persuade him not to marry a younger wife.

The Neno Evangelism founder while speaking in Mombasa where he has been holding a revival service for a week, urged his congregants to marry whoever they want.

“Those who have not married, get married and stop living alone like a mad person. Marry whoever you want because a wife is yours,” he said.

The 70-year-old preacher said some members of his church persuaded him not to marry a beautiful young wife Mercy Murugi, with whom he now has four children.

“The wife is yours. When I got married to my wife, men of God criticized me saying she was very young. Even if she is young, she is mine,” Ng’ang’a said.

The controversial preacher further stressed that he couldn’t marry old women in his church whom he referred to as ‘old cows’.

“Siwezi oa ng’ombe mzee kama hizi. I can’t get married to old women like these ones here,” Ng’ang’a said.

“If I took an old woman like these here and we start using pressure medicine, who will remind the other? The weather in Nairobi is also very cold. We might end up dying in the house while looking for warmth using a jiko,” he added.

He urged that people should not get pressured on who to marry.

“Call yourself into a meeting and think about what you want. There are things that are God’s but a wife is yours. Call her sweetheart and other good names.”

A few months ago, the controversial preacher warned Kenyan men against marrying women who are too beautiful.

“How many of you are not married?” he asked the congregation.

“Tafuta ng’ombe kama wewe ile unaona inakula nyasi, don’t marry these young women. Also, don’t go for the most beautiful women. Otherwise, you will always be conflicting with other men. Look for someone whose beauty ranges between 10-15 per cent,” he said.

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