Comedienne Eunice Njoki alias Mammito broke up with Eddie Butita and met a man whose humongous genital compelled her to be single again.

Mammito snubbed Butita on his 29th birthday on November 16th 2021, which caught the attention of netizens.

As several celebrities were wishing Butita well, Mammito was silent on her social media pages, a clear indication that things were not working for the love birds.

It has also emerged that Mammito was no longer following Butita on Instagram.

Asked on whether everything was okay with his lover, Butita told Kenyans off, saying that he did not have control over her social media accounts and could not ask her what to post and what not to.

Mammito moved on after breaking up with Butita, she confirmed this in a video posted on her Instagram account on January 13th 2022.

However, Mammito’s new relationship didn’t stand the test of time because her new man has big genitals that the comedienne couldn’t handle.

In the video, Mammito expressed utter shock at the size of the man’s ‘transformer’, she said that she was forced to pick her bags and leave because God didn’t build her to handle what she saw.

“Some African men be carrying too much down there. Yeah like ‘sir that’s a 4kg baby that you are carrying, you know’. Like that’s a tax paying human down there, like that’s too much for me, do you pay taxes for that thing? Like uuuuu God has not build me for that so am going to pick my bags and go thank you and have a good day. Too much…” said Mammito.


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