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Spy Queen Jane Mugo Thanks Netizens For Helping Her Catch Her Cheating Husband

Spy Queen Jane Mugo Thanks Netizens For Helping Her Catch Her Cheating Husband

Private investigator Jane Mugo recently disclosed that she was heartbroken upon finding out that she was sharing her husband with several other women.

Mugo noted that netizens helped her unmask her ex-husband’s hidden behaviour as she received calls from multiple women after her engagement in July 2022.

She noted that the women told her that her ex-husband was dating them and had even promised to marry them.

However, the spy queen chose to ignore the warning and went on to marry the man who would later break her heart into tiny little pieces.

After the engagement, Mugo got married to her sweetheart in September but by October they had already parted ways.

The spy queen noted she was convinced her ex-husband had not changed and opted to walk out of her marriage.

“When I posted about my engagement on July, I received congratulation messages from my followers, media streams, clients ,family & friends. Had never posted about my love life before. Mad respect for you all.

“Same day I received Dm on my messenger( disturbing sms) photos from Four women:
1: USA
4: Kisumu.

“They were all bitter but honest to me because this guy had played them online and promised marriages before he engaged me fact he was outside Kenya he had not met them. All this happened when I was bed ridden in hospital after kidnap incidence and I later I joined campaigns so I was very busy, but we spoke daily. He did it online. I choose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage work.

“This month he jetted back in the country. His school mates, neighbours, mother ( my mother in law) confirmed to me he has not changed.

“To me its not about my happiness, but you cannot hurt your own mother, ex women, blood children, lie about career you treat me like a queen a woman is crying and except to survive I respect hearts. I have dignity.

“Am confirming am #SINGLE, busy, happy, not searching. Am returning ring & all gifts to the sender. Its not worthy fighting for. You still claim to love respect me.

“Thank you kdf family for telling me the truth about this man, he was a teacher.

“Thank you my followers & pokot community for being honest.
Thank you Steve my brother in law you really tried reconciliation.
Thank you every one who sent me exhibits which i confirmed this month its because you love me😘😘.

“Social media has power. Glad to be here. Let us get up & serve God & community. Human being can be Narcissist. #NBI prayed God to bless me with a husband but this one No,” Jane Mugo wrote.

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