“Kwasasa Nipo huru Harmonize anaezafanya kazi na mimi,” Stevo Simple Boy noted.

The rapper missed a golden opportunity to work with one of the best artist in East Africa a year ago.

Harmonize expressed interest in working with Stevo after he released his trending song Inauma Itabidii Uzoee.

According to Willy M Tuva, Harmonize called asking him to connect him to Stevo since he was so impressed by some lines of his song.

In an interview with the radio presenter, Stevo however said that the collaboration did not push through because of his former management, Made in Kibera.

“I remember, at the time I was in Made In Kibera, when you called me, my management said they can’t work with Harmonize, I didn’t understand why,” Stevo said.

He added that he could not follow up on the matter individually because he was restricted.

“When you are under a management, you are not allowed to talk about many things. I didn’t give up and hoped of a day I will meet with Harmonize. I didn’t speak to him directly but currently I am free and he can work with me,” the artist said.

He also spoke about his relationship with his ex Pritty Vishy. Stevo explained why they broke up, revealing that the content creator cheated on him multiple times.

“Pritty Vishy was not my wife, she was just my girlfriend. We broke up after we our love ceased to exist. I was the one who dumped her. Pritty Vishy has a lot of desire and was very selfish. She was also interested in men who have are wealthy. She doesn’t want to suffer with a man. She cheated with a lot of men, she admitted that in her interview,” Stevo said.

The artist added that he would take care of her needs first before his but she wasn’t satisfied.


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