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Teenager Student Impregnates a 28-Year-Old Married Teacher In His Father’s House


Internet got interesting after it came by the news of one-half twin impregnated his teacher who was commissioned by his father to tutor him and his twin sister.

The teacher said that he is so much in love with the teenager and would want the blessings of his father for her to get married to him as soon as possible because she loves him sincerely and that’s why she got pregnant for him despite being a couple of years his senior.

Despite the teenage boy being in School, the teacher whose name has been withheld still wants permission to get married to him.

The father, identified as Richard Nana Sam from Ghana took to social media to ask the assistance of anybody who would help him fix the current predicament.

For starters, Richard Nana doesn’t have any issues with the teacher tutoring his kids because ever since he employed her as their teacher, their school performance studies have been going on great and for that, he’s forever grateful to the 28-year-old tutor who is supposedly married.

Expressing himself on Ghanaian Facebook’s page Tell It All and telling his predicament at the moment, Richard went on to write on, “Hello family, please I need your advice because it’s difficult to handle this issue.

I have 19yrs old twins (a boy & a girl), I wanted a home teacher for them because I don’t want a male teacher who might make advances on my daughter, so I opted for a female teacher who is 28yrs.

This teacher is very good and very nice to my children. She’s made my children addicted to books, now my children’s academic performance is very very good. In fact, I’m very happy to have her as my children’s home teacher. My children can now speak English and French frequently.

Beloved, after 8months of teaching my children, the teacher one day came to inform me that she is 3 months pregnant for my son of which my son also accepted the pregnancy is really his. She says she is in love with my son so I should allow them to marry.

Family please I need your advice because I’m going nuts now. I can’t think far,”

Richard’s post has people split on opinion. Some are with the teacher who seems to be ready and committed to being his son’s wife regardless of the age difference while others think that the teacher, despite being a good tutor took advantage of the young boy and decided to get pregnant for him despite knowing all the precautions they would have taken.

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