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The Car Vera Sidika Bought Aged 19 Years Only

Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika last boarded a matatu in 2009. She was a fresher at Kenyatta University.

Years later when she became famous, Vera Sidika dropped out of Varsity to pursue internet celebrity fame and travelling the world, thanks to her curvaceous body and connections.

Vera was pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at Kenyatta University.

The successful socialite admitted that she had to forgo her undergraduate studies in order to become a socialite and earn easy money.

Vera gained notoriety roughly years ago when she appeared in P-unit’s popular music video for the song You Guy.

Since then, Vera has changed her career and is now a singer and businesswoman. The video was not allowed to play on national TV.

“It was banned because my huge behinds were all over the TV and everyone was asking who I was,” she told True Love Magazine.

Vera Sidika

“This socialite thing was initiated by me. I made sensual photo shoots, shared them on social media, and greatly increased my following. It was challenging to keep up after I started receiving gigs,” said Vera.

Vera Sidika

“I jokingly began to ask for money, and before I knew it, I was being paid to go out and have a good time. “Why not me? The Kardashians were doing it,” she argued.

Via an interactive stories session on Instagram, Vera Sidika reveals she bought her first car at 19. She says, it was a red Toyota Sera, with the wing doors.

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