YouTuber Thee Pluto is a multimillionaire at a young age of only 23.

Thee Pluto, whose real name is Robert Ndegwa Kamau, shot to fame from his YouTube show Loyalty Tests – where he moves around campuses and streets, testing couples’ faithfulness by checking their phones for suspicious messages. As a result, he has earned the moniker “relationship sanitizer.”

The Pluto has also revealed in the past that he is involved in several businesses apart from being a YouTuber. He recently founded a real estate firm Home of Ideas.

The lad has landed several endorsement deals as a result of his fame, which has also complimented his income.

The YouTuber decided to move into a bigger house after he welcomed a child with his baby mama Felicity.

The Pluto decided to give his fans a tour of his new home which is a five-bedroom apartment.

Watch the video below:

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