“Let me be serious, wedding dress? ya kufanya nini?” Thee Pluto was left astonished when his girlfriend requested him to buy for her a wedding gown.

The mother of one decided to test her boyfriend to see how he would react to the subject.

While driving to an unknown destination, Felicity brought up the subject

“Bay by the way kuna dresses poa poa hapa niliona hapa IG, wedding dresses zilkuwa kali. Point yangu ni nataka moja,” she said.

The chief sanitizer wondered why she badly needed the wedding dress yet they had no plans of getting married.

“Wedding dress? unataka wedding dress?” the Pluto laughed at her request.

She went ahead and showed him one of the dresses and he confirmed that it was nice. He however sensed that he was being pranked.

“How can I prank you about a wedding dress, you are not serious,” Felicity told him.

“Lets assume tumeinunua, what next?” he further pressed and Felicity just insisted that she badly needed the gown.

Felicity went ahead to question him what the dresses are meant for. He however went ahead to question Felicity if she was suggesting that she wants a wedding, saying that she should have just told hit the nail on the head.

“Unataka harusi? Mbona hukuniambia. It doesn’t make sense. Unasema unataka wedding dress na si ati kuna harusi imepangwa. Aje sasa,” the father of two said.

Thee Pluto eventually said that he would buy one for her only if they are planning to wed.

“If there is no wedding that is wasting money,” he said.

The couple are currently dating and they have one child together. They began dating about three years ago after meeting during a safari rally event in Naivasha

Although they are not officially married, they live together.


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