“Some of us were raped at a younger age, We only know thugary love,” Akothee Schweizer captioned a video where she was having a good time with her hubby  Denis Omosh Schweizer. The two were having a meal in what seemed to be a restaurant.

It is not clear if the rape claims are true but it is known that Akothee was married at a very young age.

In the video however, Omosh was attempting to steal a kiss from Akothee by ‘force.’ She however told him that what he was doing was domestic violence.

The mother of five further said that Omosh was behaving like an African man.

“I will put makeup all over your white shirt. This is called domestic violence, when you take the kiss by force. Don’t be like an African man who takes everything by force . I am a colored woman I love colored love,” Akothee told her beloved husband.


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Omosh defended himself saying he was not taking the kiss by  force as they broke into laughter. He eventually managed to kiss his wife.

In the comments sections, her fans however wondered if truly she was raped at a young age or she was just fabricating a story.

“Who raped you? Is it true or made up story?” a male fan posed.

Responding to him, Akothee Schweizer told him to believe whatever he wants.

“Whatever you want to believe, why are you asking for details?” she said.

Another fan was not comfortable with how Akothee engaged in conversation while so close with Omosh, for fear of a bad breath.

“Mimi siwezi ongekesha mtu kwa uso. Aanze kunusa mdomo alafu? Mwanzo nikiskia mdomo kunukia kwangu inakuwa turn off kwangu,” she said.

“We are clean, Omosh’s breath i to die for,” she responded to the fan.


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