“Si ulikua unakula Pritty Vishy?” “Yaliyopita acha ipite!” Stevo Simple Boy begs Trisha not to leave him.

During a live social media interaction, Trisha Khalid confronted Stevo Simple Boy about his previous relationship with Pritty Vishy. Trisha expressed her concerns, stating that she believed Pritty Vishy had not moved on and that she felt threatened by Stevo’s past.

Trisha has asked Stevo Simple Boy to publicly declare his choice between her and Pritty Vishy, as she believed their relationship couldn’t progress if she remained active on Stevo’s social media pages.

“Please let them know if you’re with me or Vishy. It’s challenging for us to be in a relationship if she continues to comment on your posts.”

Pritty issued light threats after Stevo and Trisha announced they are in love.

However, the rapper asserted that Pritty Vishy was a part of his past and urged Trisha to leave the past behind, allowing them to move forward with their lives.

Stevo simple boy and TrishaAccording to Pritty Vishy, the reason their relationship didn’t work out was because she didn’t feel a romantic attraction towards Stevo.

“We were in a boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic, and he had even introduced me to his family, but our relationship lacked romantic chemistry,” expressed Pritty Vishy. “I have to be honest, I never found him attractive, and that’s why I ended up being unfaithful. While Stivo was a good-hearted and humble man, he simply didn’t appeal to me physically,” she confessed.

"Hakuwai nihug Ata S3x Hatukuwai Fanya" Pritty Vishy Dismisses Stivo As The Most Useless Boyfriend She Has Ever Had

She also reminisced about occasions when she visited the singer at his residence and, whenever she needed to change clothes, he would either exit the room to provide her privacy or avert his gaze to show respect to her, lol.

Vishy expressed her contentment with the way things unfolded between her and Stivo. She confidently stated that she holds no remorse for her actions but it’s plain to see, she hasn’t moved on.

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