“Kwani siwezi post Samidoh bila nyinyi kuongelea Edday?” Karen Nyamu bitterly complained.

The mother of three expressed her pain after while reacting to trolls who dragged Samidoh’s first wife Edday Nderitu to her posts on social media.

Karen Nyamu bitterly complained that Edday doesn’t get subjected to criticisms when she posts Samidoh on social media.

She lamented that critics were applying double standards while dealing with Edday and her.

“You mean everything I do in my life is about one woman. I can’t even post my man without you talking about another woman. When she posts him I don’t hear you thinking the same or different women different rights,” Nyamu complained.

The UDA-nominated senator recently rubbed Edday’s fans the wrong way when she posted a video of Samidoh and her having a nice time together.

In the video, the two lovebirds are seen enjoying a meal together after working out.

Edday’s fans started trolling Karen Nyamu after she posted video of Samidoh and her on Tiktok.

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