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“Tumia Akili” Samidoh Hits Back At Andrew Kibe After Being Called ‘The Most D$ck Driven Kikuyu Man’


Andrew Kibe hit out at Samidoh for having many casual sexual relationships with women all over.

Kibe was responding to a question from his fan who asked him what he thought about the ongoing drama involving Samidoh, his alleged side chick Bernice Saroni and his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

While responding to his fan, Kibe noted that he invited Samidoh to his house in Austin but the Mugithi singer refused because he wanted to be in the company of women who were with him.

Kibe described Samidoh as the most ‘d$ck driven Kikuyu man’ in a video he shared on YouTube.

“He was here in the States and he was going to Houston. Dallas iko pale na Houston iko hapa and unawezapita Austin. So I told him take a day off come here to Austin let me host you I take you round you see Austin.

“Take you round uone venye wadosi wanaishim upande ka helicopter, tukupigeshe lap uone maisha. Samidoh because the only people who surround that f*cker are women. so energy yake yote ni ya madem. Nikamuuliza Samidoh unafanya nini, why are you behaving like this? Ukuje uhang and wanaume lakini no he wants to hang out with women. He is like a dildo women are fighting over him, are you stupid?” Andrew Kibe said.

Samidoh rudely dismissed Kibe’s accusations in a quick rejoinder. He noted that there was no way he could have gone to Kibe’s house in Dallas since he is staying with a sugar mommy who maintains him.

“Haha hata kama ni content. Sometimes tumia tu akili. So I was to leave my work coz a lad has invited me over to his cougar’s house? or for a helicopter ride? I am a Kikuyu man! Thought tuliagree nitakam ukipata kwako bro si kwa nyumba ya mama. Tungepiga aje kadrink hata? Ama nikimbie Langata uone huyo mama watoto uliacha akishukuru mungu pia? Nakam Austin 4th lakini tulia. Drop address,” Samidoh wrote.

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