“Nyamu can I touch your b**bs, day two nikukule tu marungu!” “Hawa nikiwapata ni ma nyahunyo tu,” Karen Nyamu says.

Gengetone, a Kenyan urban music genre, has taken the nation by storm with its infectious beats and catchy lyrics. However, its rising popularity is not without controversy.

Recently, Zenga Sensation, a young rap group from Nakuru, released a song that has sparked heated discussions among music enthusiasts and critics alike.

The track, a lewd tribute to Karen Nyamu, has raised questions about the boundaries of artistic expression and the need for responsible content in the music industry.

In their latest single, Zenga Sensation leaves little to the imagination, explicitly expressing their desire for a moment with Karen Nyamu to indulge in various sensual treats.

The song goes on to make brazen references to her physical attributes, particularly her breasts and derriere, with an audacious request to have a feel.

The lyrics then venture into even more crazy lyrics, suggesting they would provide her with “good loving.”

It is undeniable that Gengetone, as a genre, has played a significant role in engaging and captivating a younger audience.

Its catchy tunes and relatable themes have led to a massive fan following, predominantly among the youth.

Unfortunately, the explicit nature of some Gengetone tracks raises serious concerns about its appropriateness for airplay on national radio during peak hours.

Karen Nyamu says, the boys would get a proper beating from her for daring to sing such words to her.

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