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Unemployment Ni Wewe! Six-Figure Salary Job Awaits Jalang’o Incase He Lose Langata Parliamentary Seat

Unemployment Ni Wewe! VERY Lucrative Job Awaits Jalang'o Incase He Lose Langata Parliamentary Seat

Jalang’o has already signed a deal with an employer who is offering him a job if he fails to clinch Langata parliamentary seat.

Jalang’o officially resigned from his work at Kiss FM on February 9th in line with media council rules that require journalists vying for political seats to resign six months to the election date.

Unlike some candidates who will find it tough looking for jobs when they lose in August 9th polls, Jalang’o will not tarmac hustling for employment.

The former Kiss FM presenter revealed that his employers at Radio Africa Group were reluctant to let him go. He said that they made him sign a contract that will keep his job if he fails in his quest to be Langata MP.

“My boss has made me sign a contract that in case I do not win… I should not even apply for the job, I simply walk back and start working,” said Jalang’o.

While bidding goodbye to his fans and the company as well, Jalang’o revealed that Ghanaian owner of Radio Africa Group Patrick Quarcoo has always had a soft spot for him

“Today I mark the end of this amazing place. I want to say a few things to the boss and CEO of Radio Africa (Patrick Quarcoo) for always being a friend and opening doors for me even when things look really dark on my side,” Jalang’o said, adding that he will never forget he gave him his first chance in radio.

“You did it again and I know you can do it anytime for me. That is why you made me and accepted that contract to sound the way it was.”

Jalang’o also thanked Radio Africa’s MD Martin Khafafa for always having a listening ear for him.

“And our HR, who have supported this journey. I got to interact with the best HR.”


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