Home Entertaintment “Usifanye Kenya Muonekane Wajinga” Another Tanzanian Artiste Savagely Tears Into Eric Omondi

“Usifanye Kenya Muonekane Wajinga” Another Tanzanian Artiste Savagely Tears Into Eric Omondi


Eric Omondi rubbed Tanzanians the wrong way attracting the wrath of Bongo musicians like Wasafi Record’s Zuchu and a handful of her compatriots.

The Kenyan comedian raised a furore over his controversial remarks about Bongo music, claiming that Amapiano style of music is killing Bongo music.

Amapiano (Zulu for “the pianos”) is a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2012. … It is distinguished by high-pitched piano melodies, Kwaito basslines, low tempo 90s South African house rhythms and percussions from another local subgenre of house known as Bacardi.[sic]

“East Africa I am sad!!! I weep for my people. Nina huzuni moyoni?. Bongo flava has always been East Africa’s pride ila kwa sasa imekufaa. Kila Tanzania artist kwa sasa anaimba amapiano. We have lost our culture, killed our own!!! tumekaribisha, tumeiga, tumeichukua tabia na mwenendo zake jirani tukajisahau wenyewe. We are losing our identity, our pride!!! naomba ndugu zangu wa bongo turejee kwa upesi before it’s too late!!! wakenya wamelala, wa tanzania wamejipotezaa. mungu tuhurumie, turehemu,” wrote Omondi.


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In a quick rejoinder, Zuchu differed sharply with Eric Omondi explaining that doing Amapiano for them is just being diverse.

“Bongo flavor can never be destroyed. Artists are doing out of their comfort zones. It’s called diversity. Trying new sounds has never destroyed any industry, the music industry is big so let artistes try out new things ndo mabadiliko hayo,” Zuchu said.

Another Tanzanian musician Young Daresalama has also come out to hit at Eric Omondi over his comment about Bongo music.

Young Daresalama told Eric Omondi that Amapiano is an African sound and therefore, he should stop insinuating that it has killed Bongo Fleva sound.

Daresalama further added that Eric Omondi should also stop making people perceive Kenyans to be fools.

“Nahisi bado ukoloni uko heavy kwenye kichwa cha huyu jamaa (fala)… like seriously mipaka ya Afrika ambayo kafundishwa na wakoloni inamfanya aone waafrika sio ndugu zake smh! Mwambieni Amapiano ni mziki wa Afrika. Iyo tu inatosha!!! @ericomondi endelea kuchekesha,” wrote Young Daresalama.

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