Vanessa Mdee dated Juma Jux on/off until 2018 when they broke up for good and hooked up with Rotimi in July 2019 after they met at Essence Festival in the US.

Rotimi proposed to Mdee in December 2020 after a year of dating. She quickly got pregnant for him and they got their first child in September 2021.

While Mdee is enjoying a blissful marriage, her ex Juma Jux is still thinking about her.

The Bongo singer dedicated his song ‘Sina Neno’ to Mdee. He wished her well in life stressing that he has no hard feelings about her moving on.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi Media in February 2022, Jux said he responded to trolls by recording the song.

“Some people talked about me, some supported me. Instead of doing interviews, I decided to do a song and explain everything,” said Jux.

He further stressed that he had moved on, adding that it is his fans who still wish he was with Vanessa Mdee.

“Sometimes my fans are the ones who fail to move on. I have moved on and I am currently in a relationship,” said Jux.

In another interview with Wasafi in May, Jux said Vee Money was free to call him if she misses him. He noted that they are not enemies just because they broke up.

Vanessa Mdee has since come out to shush her ex boyfriend. The US based Tanzanian singer took to social media to tell Jux to shut the f–k up.

“This behaviour of having an opinion about everything so that you can be seen as opinionated or having a say is stupid. Allow some things to pass you by especially if you don’t have help to offer just be quiet. People are suffering in silence, about many things they won’t speak about. Be kind! Not everything requires an opinion. Just be kind!” Vanessa Mdee took a subtle dig at Jux.

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