“Break-up clouts are lame, overused and retired, ” Vera Sidika shared on her Insta stories.

The socialite has rubbished claims of chasing clout by faking a break-up with her husband Brown Mauzo.

Vera said that she can never do a break-up clout and her ideas on clout are always unique.

“I have never done a break-up clout in over 5 years. I always have unique ideas if I want to chase clout and you all know it, not this. please just stop forcing it. Not everything around life revolves around clout. I can never do a break-up clout. Anything else but that,” the mother of two said.

Vera went ahead to note that not all break-ups are caused by infidelity.

“Whatever happens happens in real life and but incase you didn’t know not all break-ups are caused by infidelity. There’s lots of issues that contribute. Life happens, people breakup and move on. Some break up and fix issues. That’s what life is all about. Never a smooth ride,” she said, and went ahead to refer to her ex boyfriends cases.

According to her, no one ever knew they had broken up until after several months.

“One thing about me, since the growth from past relationships, I have never done this bull shit. That is why nobody knew when I ended things with the Senegalese ex, Tanzanian ex, until months later,” she added.

Vera also shared the disadvantages of chasing clout by faking break-up.

“Clout chasing with fake break up only invites negative energy to your relationship, that’s why I don’t do break up clout. It is like some kinda of curse. It is either we broke up or not or broke up and later solved issues . Not break up for clout. It is childish and tiring,” she concluded.


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