Vera Sidika gave birth on 3rd March 2023 but lied that her son was born on May 30, 2023.

The socialite took to social media on Tuesday May 30, 2023 to announce the birth of her son.

“The wait is finally over! 🎊A Prince has been born🎊 Ice Brown @prince_icebrown the most handsome boy I’ve ever seen 😍😩❤️ to Watch birth video,” Vera wrote.

However, online sleuths were quick to remind Vera that she was openly lying about when her son was born as they gave a breakdown of her pregnancy.

Vera had been hiding her pregnancy until December 19, 2022, when she decided to come clean about it.

The bootyful socialite took to social media to show off her baby bump as she publicly announced that she was heavily pregnant.

Vera claimed that she only discovered that she was pregnant by accident when her bump was four and a half months.

“Sweethearts, Asia’s sibling is on the way!!!🎊💃🏼God had plans for our little family to grow bigger 🙏Imagine we Discovered at 4 & half months ☺️ just when I was about to go for my breast enlargement surgery 😂 I had to cancel my trip & embrace our little miracle 😍🎊I’ve learnt that Being pregnant means everyday is another day closer to meeting the other love of our life,” Vera wrote in part.

She further disclosed that she was seven months pregnant as of December 19, 2022.

“Thanks to hubby @brownmauzo254 for this blessing & shooting babies every year 😂🤣 today, we’re officially 7 months pregnant 🤰 Super happy that Asia gets a sibling she’ll grow with. BFFs loading 🥰💃🏼.”

You don’t need to be a rock scientist to know that someone who is 7 months pregnant as of December 2022 is supposed to give birth around late February or early March.

Vera gave birth on March 3, 2023 and kept it secret until May 30, 2023 when he claimed to have given birth.

If Vera gave birth on May 30, 2023 as she claims, it means she was pregnant for nearly 12 months and not the normal 9 months which is the gestation period for human beings.

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