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Vera Sidika: Our Baby Is Baking Perfectly Despite My Busy Schedule


Just a day after being unveiled as one of the cast of The Real Housewives of Nairobi, Vera Sidika has assured her fans that her unborn child is doing fine.

Vera who is in her final stages of pregnancy said that she has missed all her fans and followers but now they understand what has been keeping her busy hence affecting her social media presence.

“I’ve missed you all sweethearts. It’s been crazy months for me. Now you all understand why. Anyway our baby is baking perfectly even with my busy schedule,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.


Speaking about trending on Twitter after being unveiled as the cast of the Reality Show, Vera urged her fans to wait for the show, while promising that it is going to be the greatest of all times.

“In other news, I heard that I am trending on Twitter. Well let’s just sit back and wait for the biggest Reality Show in the history of Kenya. Yes, I said this is not your ordinary show darling,” the socialite said.

Vera revealed that she was 7 months pregnant again on December 19, 2022, just days after denying that she was carrying her second born.

According to her, she discovered that she was pregnant while the pregnancy was four and a half months. At the time, she was just about to undergo a breast enlargement surgery.

“Asia’s sibling is on the way!!!🎊💃🏼God had plans for our little family to grow bigger 🙏Imagine we Discovered at 4 & half months ☺️ just when I was about to go for my breast enlargement surgery 😂 I had to cancel my trip & embrace our little miracle 😍🎊I’ve learnt that Being pregnant means everyday is another day closer to meeting the other love of our life.,” part of her statement read.

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