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Vera Sidika Reveals Lucrative Career She Wanted To Pursue When She Was A Child


Retired socialite Vera Sidika has revealed what she wanted to become while growing up.

During a recent interaction with fans on Instagram,  a fan posed a question about her dream career as a child and she responded saying she wanted to be a come a news anchor.

“Vee, you are amazing. What did you want to become  when you are a kid,” the fan asked.

“News anchor,” Vera responded.

She further further confirmed that she is a Luhya from Maragoli.

At the same time she talked about her children saying it is a blessing to have both boy and a girl and will add another child while she is 40 years old.

“Honestly it’s a blessing. My life is complete. Once baby comes out I can then focus on my revenge body and living soft life. Will only think of adding one more in my 40’s,” Vera said.


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About schooling her daughter from home, Vera said that she prefers she goes to school where e she can interact with other children.

“I don’t think homeschooling is what I want to do for Asia(At home). I think its best if she goes to school and make friends. Its healthier this way. Also having kids experience different environments is good,” the 33-year old said.


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