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Vera Sidika’s Outfit For The Launch Of Real Housewives Of Nairobi Cost Kshs1.2 Million(Photos)


Vera Sidika Dressed in Ksh1.2 million outfit for the launch of Showmax Reality series, Real Housewives of Nairobi which is set to premiere on Thursday.

The launch went down on Tuesday evening and the retired socialite graced the event in a purple gown with pink feather-like decorations on the sleeves and a similar crown.

“You know Vera when she does stuff it’s nothing like basic especially on a day like today. I have my crown on and I have my custom made outfit, I am wearing designer shoes, designer earrings, everything put together will come to about Kshs1.2 million,” Vera told SPM Buzz.

Photo|SPM Buzz

At the same time, the heavily pregnant entrepreneur revealed some of her traits that saw her land a role in the much awaited Reality series.

“Because I am the queen. Can there be a Real Housewives of Nairobi without Vera? I have the vibes, personality, I posses everything that is deserving for the show. I am very exposed, I am eloquent, I have a family. It literally a whole package,” the mother of one said.

Photo|SPM Buzz

She added that her favorite housewife is Susan Kaitanny and that she can’t wait to see episode four of the series.

“The experience was amazing. It is different kinds of emotions, happy moments, sad moments, drama.  I like Susan, we get along, we speak every other day,”  she said.


Vera further said that her husband Brown Mauzo, who is also in the show, as well as her daughter could not make it for the launch since they had caught a flu.

Speaking about her pregnancy, she said that she is almost due and will go to the delivery room with her make up on, as she did while delivering Asia.


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