“There is a difference between twerking and Kutetemeka”

Pritty Vishy left netizens talking after going on TikTok live to show off her twerking skills.

While imitating a lady who was whining her waist and what her mama gave her in a viral challenge, Vishy  was convinced that she was close to nailing it.

“Mi ni mfupi acheni nifanye kama nimesimama,” Vishy said as she continued to participate in the challenge.

She went on to show her audience the slight part where the woman was defeating her.

@bettymfine comment section though 😆😆#betty #viralvideos #God ♬ original sound – botley betty

Netizens however had other thoughts.

“Pritty Naona ukianguka na mgongo,” one said as another claimed, “Najua kwa akili unadance vizuri.”

Others however could not help it but notice the ‘forest’ in her armpits.

“Nyoa makwapa,” they told her.

The first rising social influencer and upcoming artist is a true definition of confidence. Vishy has remained focused despite facing trolls frequently. She has fully embraced her plus size structure and doesn’t mind showing off her body whenever she gets chance to.

@prittyvishy Oooook😂😂😂#prittyvishy ♬ Beautiful Onyinya

Pritty Vishy recently was left in tears after herv new music was pulled down on YouTube due to copyright issues. She complained that she had worked so had to raise money to shoot the video and her efforts had gone to waste.

It however turned out that it was her former manager who was behind the disheartening move.

“You have made my mum weak. You have made her cry. Good job, I leave everything to God to deal with you. I worked hard for everything, audio, video. It okay, God will fight for me,” she said.

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