Wahu, who used to be 1GB, says her body has gained weight at an incredible speed now weighing over 90kg.

The mother of three narrated how she has been going through the challenge of gaining weight since she gave birth to her third child on October 11, 2022.

Wahu in an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve said that her body has gained weight at an astronomical speed and now she is about to get to 90 kg.

Nameless’ wife said that at first she was small but a few months after giving birth, she found herself gaining about 30 kilos.

“The important thing is to love yourself as you are. I have gained a lot of weight, not a little. My friend, I am close to 90 kilos, I used to be smaller but now I have gained about 30 kilos now and I am fine personally because I know the reason, it is my body and the time to lose weight will come, the important thing is to love yourself the way you are and embrace your situation,” Wahu said.

Wahu said that she has slowed down the pace of doing music projects at the moment, in what she said is a dedication to being a good mother to her daughter Shiru until she stops breastfeeding.

“Let me finish breastfeeding first. We are working on a project but to be honest my mind went straight to Shiru, you know it is not easy to work with a child, but we have been writing lines. I don’t want to say when but soon we will release some songs,” she said.

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