Akothee got married at the age of 14 after getting pregnant for her baby daddy, by 16 she was already a mother to three children.

The controversial singer was married to her first love Jared Okello with whom she has three children with, they would have had four but one died.

While sharing a throwback photo of herself in 2018, Akothee narrated how she lost her son after lacking money to take him to hospital.

“I had only 3 children but I had dropped 4 in my 10 year of marriage, one passed on at 8 months. I didn’t have money to take him to the hospital early enough, or maybe it was God’s time” she said.

Akothee revealed that she gave birth to her deceased child on the street with the guards acting as midwives.

“He is actually the one I delivered on the streets and the watchmen of Awendo were my midwives, he was my second born, a boy in that matter, that one means a lot to the Luo community. So you know why I am crazy, nothing can shake me compared to the things I have seen all my life, I have missed death three times, if I died then, you wouldn’t have known my name. That’s why I got no chills for nobody’s opinion, leave me alone,” wrote Akothee.


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Fast forward to March 2022, Akothee is regretting getting married at a tender age while she was supposed to be in school.

The mother of five has since enrolled in school to get her degree but she laments that it’s quite tough for her.

“The things I am struggling with at menopose ????
When I was supposed to be in school ,I decided to be a wife ☹️☹️
Now instead of being A wife ,I am now in school at old Age this life No balangs at all .

“But I must attain my Degree for my mom so she is happy to have that kofia in her home ????? Akoth isetieko sikindi cha ?!!! I am tired of this question ??Waking up at 4.30 am has become a norm. Huu mwaka ni wangu,” wrote Akothee.


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