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“Where Were You When Omanyala Was Struggling?” Classic FM Presenter Destroys Huddah Monroe Completely


Cess Mutungi and Huddah Monroe are fighting over Ferdinand Omanyala, the Classic FM presenter went HAM on the petite socialite on her show.

Huddah couldn’t hide her intense infatuation for sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala after his incredible feat on Saturday.

Omanyala set a world lead of 9.85 to win the men’s 100m during the Kip Keino Classic at Moi Stadium, Kasarani on Saturday evening May 7th.

Huddah Monroe took to social media following Omanyala’s victory to open up on her undying crush on the sprinter. She asked to be hooked up with the African 100m record holder.

“Omanyala is not sooo bad looking. Hapa Kenya ni kama sitoki. connect hio date,” wrote Huddah.

Cess Mutungi called out Huddah for thirsting after Omanyala while speaking on her show on Classic FM together with her co-host Mike Mondo.

Classic FM presenters Mike Mondo and Cess Mutungi
Classic FM presenters Mike Mondo and Cess Mutungi

Cess referred Huddah as a woman of low morals after she hit on Omanyala, she noted that the petite socialite only wants the sprinter because of his fame and money.

“Huddah is those women of easy virtues. Omanyala was not always like this. Where was she when he was struggling. He was not like this until another woman came in and helped him become who he is,” Cess Mutungi said.

The Classic FM presenter advised Omanyala not to lose focus and taint his name over a few seconds of fun. She stressed that Huddah is not worth losing his career for.

“Your option cannot be a washed-out socialite. We cannot have Omanyala’s reputation tainted,” Cess Mutungi stressed.

The Classic FM presenter further called on Huddah to settle down in marriage like her peer Vera Sidika instead of shooting her shots at every successful man she comes across.

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