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Why Akothee Wants Women To Seek Consent From Their Men Before Getting Pregnant


Akothee has given her list of reasons, why consent to get pregnant from men must be added to Kenyan laws.

Following amendments to Kenya’s matrimonial laws, Supreme Court judges Philomena Mwilu, Smokin Wanjala, Njoki Ndungu, Isaac Lenaola, and William Ouko issued a warning that the doctrine of come we stay marriage is on its demise, and Akothee feels more should be added.

“I am loving the debate at the Kenyan law courts about marriage rules,” she says.

According to Section 8 of the Act, every person who wishes to get married in accordance with Kenyan law must notify the local marriage registry of their intentions. Madam boss has added further suggestions to be added as president of single mothers, although she’s not single herself.

“Women should get consent from their spouses boyfriend or partners before getting pregnant,” Akoth says.

For someone, who has raised five kids as a single mother, miss Esther Akoth knows what she’s talking about, when it comes to raising children and providing for them alone.

Akothee mother of 5

“A child is A full time community responsibility,and is not a teddy bear that you can just dump and pick up later đź’ŞWe are subjecting innocent children to a love triangle making us raise many children in undefined state of confusion.Some women use children as a bait to hold the man down ,some men equally use children to attach to the woman yet they know clearly they don’t mean it,” she adds.

When it comes to responsibilities, she feels better planning and agreement should be arrived at by both parties before even getting pregnant to avoid problems as the child grows up.

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“I WANT YOU TO BE THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN IS OVERRATED, men do the talking (THEORY) Women do the action PRACTICALS.The ratio of children brought up in a confused family set up is bigger than children born under marriage umbrella.” She insists.

Officiate relationships with necessary documents, for accountability and respect, her advise continues.


“For us to to have a clearer understanding ,I think there should be a document to be signed about bringing a child into the world. My Docket of Single Parenthood is overwhelming and I just wonder how the population grows everyday.”

It’s takes more than just giving birth or making a woman pregnant to be called a parent. There’s a lot that’s involved to raise a kid properly.

“Parents should also understand that getting pregnant can’t make you a mother,getting someone pregnant doesn’t make you a daddy, a child comes with Full responsibility that should be shared equally,” the Sweet Love hit maker says.


Finally, she warns parents who love to use kids as weapons to fight each other; because at the end of it all, it’s not really the best way to make a home and family.

“Spouses should also stop using children as a weapon to get to each other’s neck,we are raising a bitter confused generation , instead of showing them love đź’‹ it’s all violence from the date of conception to the the end,” she ends her update.

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