“Hii ilienda lini…chest pains” a female Instagram user is among the many who have been heartbroken after Trevor Ombija confirmed that he is also a father.

The celebrated Citizen TV journalist took to Instagram with a photo of him and his son. Sadly, the photo only captured their hands.

“I think Trevor Junior was trying to tell me something on #FathersDay but I don’t speak ‘Baby\ too well so he resorted to hands signals. There is no kind of love like a parent’s love, this I can say without fear of contradiction,” Trevor Ombija said.

In the comments sections, women were inconsolable after discovering that Trevor was taken and was not as single as many viewed him to be. Others however wondered when he moved on since he had publicly shared his heartbreak.

“Weeuh ulienda lini? Vile nilkiua nimetarget,” one wrote.

“When, Trevor, when,” another cried.

“Mnaoa hamjali hata vile sisi singles tutaskia, kwani ulishaheal,” another comment read.

“Yaaaniiii…eeeiiii…ama wacha tu…ama wacha niseme…mzee kwani ulipata mtu lini? Na vile aaa wacha tu tena,” a fan wrote.

“Hii imeenda na vile nilikuwa nawatch Citizen na Ramogi ndio uninotice, wacha twende Innoro,” a separate comment read.

Others however congratulated him and proceeded to wish him a happy Fathers Day.

In September 2021, Trevor Ombija shared how he was left  heartbroken by a woman whom he had been in a relationship with for 10 years.

According to him, his woman dumped him saying that she needed to find herself. His attempts to save the relationship bore no fruits.

“I am from a relationship that lasted 10 years. It is one of those relationships that were over, then they are back again. I actually took dowry to her home on December 5, 2015, then akaniacha. She said she needs to find herself,” the news anchor said.

He further said that he was single and was focusing on fixing himself.

Last year, Trevor was however captured holding a woman’s hand affectionately at a public event. It was concluded that the woman was his new found love.

It is however unclear whether the woman in the picture is the mother to his baby boy.



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