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“Working With International Music Partner Wasn’t Always Wise” – Bien After Ending Contract With Universal Music


Bien revealed Sauti Sol ended their contract with Universal Music, disclosing that the deal wasn’t that rosy.

The Sauti Sol lead singer opened up about the group’s deal with Universal Music while speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva.

Bien said Sauti did not renew their contract after the deal they signed with Universal Music in January 2020 expired.

“It was either we sign another contract or we cancel the current one, we terminate it,” he said.

Bien further mentioned that Sauti Sol members decided to pursue solo careers after their deal with Universal Music expired.

“We went independent again. So right now we have recorded another album. Licensing and distribution will be done by others.”

Bien also noted that working with an international music partner wasn’t always wise.

“After working with Universal, I have realised one thing. Going international haiko kwa ule msee unawork na yeye. Iko kwa kichwa yako, it’s in your mind. So kisanii lazima kwanza umekuwa umeji elevate. So us, Sauti Sol, we were already there, mentally and musically, too.”

Bien, however, clarified that their split with Universal Music was amicable.

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