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YouTuber Mungai Eve Cries Foul As She Is ‘Killed’ Online

YouTuber Mungai Eve Cries Foul As She Is 'Killed' Online

Mungai Eve’s death hoax was started by a wannabe vlogger who later confessed to committing the crime.

The YouTuber came out to cry foul after she was ‘killed’ online by a person who spread rumours about her death.

Eve took to social media to address her death hoax after the same person who started the rumours about her death confessed that they only wanted to be famous.

“Being a public figure is the hardest thing ever! So somebody decided to make a video that I am dead and now they have audacity to text me this lol! Such a wicked world,” Eve Mungai wrote.

Mungai Eve has also been dealing with rumours about her being pregnant.

The young YouTuber has been rumoured to be pregnant one too many times because of her belly looking like a baby bump.

Eve ultimately decided to explain why people always mistook her belly for a baby bump to end the discussion.

She disclosed that she is suffering from a condition that makes her stomach to bloat.

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