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Zari Throws Shades At Diamond And His Ghanaian Crush Fantana


“Lifanye surgery ya mdomo kwanza,” Zari Hassan has thrown another shade at her baby daddy’s crush Fantana.

The mother of five had shared photos of herself donning an orange Islamic outfit and captioned it “I am not bossy, I am the boss.” Many of her fans could not resist reacting to it while referring to the drama between her, Diamond and Fantana and this prompted her to make sarcastic responses.


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“Ndo maana yanakuonea wivu,,, sasa lile la Ghana 🇬🇭 nalo lingepata uzuri angalau wa kumfilia wema si tungekoma,,,,, mama tamba mama ww mzuri bana,” one of her fans said and she replied saying that Fantana should first undergo a mouth surgery.

Another fan said that people like Fantana were seeking attention instead of working hard like Zari.

“For me, I know the definition of your Name because I took time to watch the story to agreed to share with us 😂😂😂😂😂. “I’m a bossy lady because I work hard to acquire everything that I want”. Others don’t wanna put in the work, but want attention and recognition hence the clout 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” the Instagram user said.

Reacting to the comment, Zari criticized Diamond for chasing a woman who was charged with theft.

“Child 4 guys in a row chasing a 5th with a theft felony. Aaai this young sluts are be on some drugs. Young girls are still in the houses. They don’t know what a d… looks like. Her p… reads a certain mileage(age) fosho,” Zari replied.

Recently, Fantana’s theft charges resurfaced after her mugshot went viral. In 2019, she had explained how she landed in trouble with US authorities.

According to her, the incident happened after she threw a friend’s bracelet away after an argument.

This saw her get charged with theft and she spend less than 8 hours in police cells. She also denied claims of being an ex-convict.

“There is jail and prison. Prison is for murderers. I am not a murderer and jail is for silly things like fighting, stealing, driving with no license, driving with suspended license, insurance. You can be in jail for 30 minutes, you can be in jail for two hours. I got into a fight with my room mate and I threw her bracelet out of the window,” she said then



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