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“Nikipost Mtu He Gets Mad” Jovial Fears For Her Life As Creepy Stalker Shows Dangerous Obsession 

Jovial: I Prefer Keeping Male Friends To Female Friends 

Sultry singer Jovial has come out to share her ordeal revealing how a creepy stalker has managed to trace where she lives causing her sleepless nights.

Being a celebrity may come with plenty of perks, but there is always a dark side to it all that can be quite terrifying.

While the life of the rich and famous does include lavish vacations in exotic locales and walking the red carpet at star-studded events, many celebs also have to deal with disturbingly determined super “fans” who may be threatening.

Jovial, whose real name is Juliet Miriam Ayub, knows all too well what dealing with creepy fans is all about.

The sultry singer recently took to social media to narrate her ordeal dealing with an obsessed admirer who crossed the line from fan to stalker.

Jovial lamented that her stalker appears to be well connected as he has traced where she lives and he’s not afraid of the police.

She fears for her life because the creepy stalker is obsessed with her and gets mad when she posts someone else.

“Lately I’ve been dealing with an obsessed crush! This person has managed to know where I live after paying people to track me! Where he got my number sijui! I’ve blocked him nimechoka! Nikipost mtu he gets mad! Anakuwa aggressive! Kama mimi ni dame yake! I told him I’ll report him, akasema sawa haina shida ataambia police “he just in love” so I should go ahead! I think he’s well connected… I don’t know! It’s really eating me up and I’m scared! Nimechoka kukaa kimya!” Jovial wrote.

Creepy stalker said, Jovial has also had to deal with randy fans. A while back she was forced to pounce and beat up a man who groped her butt in a club.

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