Mike Mondo insists his ex prompted him to cheat on her, the Classic FM presenter doesn’t regret what he did to her.

Speaking during an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, Mike Mondo noted that he doesn’t like it when his girlfriend behaves like she can outsmart him.

The Classic FM presenter narrated how he slept with three friends to his ex girlfriend as payback for her cheating on him.

“There is a situation where I character developed someone using three of her friends because she wanted to show me she knows better,” he said.

The Classic FM presenter explained that he opted to cheat with the three women because his ex was also hitting on a male friend whom he considered as brother to him.

However Mike was kind enough not to tell the ex that he had smashed three of her best friends.

The Classic FM presenter said that when he finds out his girlfriend is unfaithful he plays cool and plan his sweet revenge.

“If I find out me I won’t come and ask you who is this. I will look for your best friend and character develop you and when you ask me I will tell you to respond to your manenos,” Mike said.

He added that;

“You see me I will react to how you treat me. Me if you treat me right I will always treat you right.”

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