“Uyu Bahati ile umama ako nayo walai!” Netizens have reacted as Diana Marua and Baha do the unbelievable on camera.

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati have recently gained attention and sparked controversy online. The couple has been making headlines for their unconventional behavior, often sharing peculiar videos.

In their recent video challenge, Bahati decided to embrace a feminine persona and dress accordingly, while Diana Marua took on a masculine role, dressing and behaving like a man for a day.

During this role reversal, Diana Marua fully immersed herself in her new character, providing her husband with insights into the daily experiences of men and how they often intrude on women’s personal boundaries.

She demonstrated behaviors such as unwanted touching, multiple spankings, breast grabbing, and taking advantage of moments when women are unaware or vulnerable.

In one instance, Diana went as far as touching Bahati’s private parts from behind.

Diana Marua and Bahati make for a power couple, frequently sharing their love and life adventures with their followers.

They have been open about their relationship and have documented their journey as husband and wife, allowing their fans a glimpse into their personal lives, sometimes going to extreme intimate moments.

While their popularity has brought them widespread admiration, it has also subjected them to intense scrutiny and occasional controversy.

As public figures, Diana and Bahati have faced their fair share of criticism.


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