Irene Nekesa the most famous househelp of Diana Marua and Bahati opened up on the daily expenses at Bahati’s homestead.

Nakesa spoke on the expenses at Bahati’s home together with other casual workers and their boss Diana Marua.

Speaking in a YouTube video, Nekesa together with two other househelps, decided to explain to their boss Diana how they spend money daily, and why the daily budget is always high.

Nekesa said that they usually spend up to Ksh30,000 per day, explaining that the money is usually spent on food, fuel, buying electricity tokens and all other essential things that are usually required daily.

“Kuseme tu ukweli kwa hii nyumba tunaspendingi kama 30k per day,” Nekesa said.

Diana interjected and said that the least amount she could be asked by her staff for domestic use was was Ksh10,000.

“In a day, pesa kidogo kwa hii nyumba yenye ntaitishwa 10,445. Na bado guys it’s not enough,” Diana said.

She added that she has capped her average daily expenditure at Ksh6,000 – adding that she was sure that she has to spend more than the amount every day.

“Naweza sema averagely per day ni 6k. Yani hio najua tu lazima,” Diana said.

The househelps admitted that the Bahatis lifestyle is very expensive and that living in such a big house and maintaining it daily was equally very costly.

They appreciated Diana Marua and Bahati for creating a good living environment for them, and also taking good care of them as part of their family.


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