Pastor Nganga tried to reunite with his first wife in vain, she fled with their children and kept the kids away from him until her death.

The controversial preacher opened up about his first wife while speaking at his daughter’s wedding.

The preacher’s daughter Elizabeth Nyambura Maina married Joseph Njeru at an invite-only wedding held at a garden in Karen on Friday March 18th 2022.

Elizabeth is pastor Nganga’s daughter with his late wife. The preacher’s daughter married Njeru who is a pastor and a businessman located outside the country.

Speaking to journalists during his daughter’s wedding, pastor Nganga revealed that his late wife had left him when she was pregnant with twins – Elizabeth and her sibling.

“My late wife and I moved in together years ago. She just went and brought her clothes. She left me while pregnant with twins,” said pastor Nganga.

The controversial preacher further narrated how he tried reuniting with his late wife in vain.

“When I got saved I decided to go and look for her but alikuwa amenjanjaruka and told me we had not officially gotten married. But she passed on at some point. It is after she died that the kids looked for me. That is why I adopted her (daughter) since 2000.”

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