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Kajala Finally Takes Up New Role As Harmonize’s Manager 

Harmonize's New Song Inspired By Kajala's Decision To Take Him Back

Harmonize restructured the top management at his music label Konde Music Worldwide to pave way for his fiancée Frida Kajala Masanja to occupy the senior-most position.

Kajala got back together with Harmonize two months after the Bongo singer desperately begged him for reconciliation.

He enticed her with expensive gifts and tempting promises before she agreed to take him back.

Harmonize vowed to employ Kajala as his manager if she agreed to get back together with him.

“Me getting back to the queen Frida it’s so important even for the game. Just imagine I’m going to make her my manager jinsi alivyo na mawazo mkubwa ki fikra akili kashapata maisha yote ni wazi atakuwa anawaza future yetu peke hakuna hela itatoka toka kimchezo.. Her & @choppa_tz & @mjerumani_255 with the big boss @jembenijembe will be better team ever,” Harmonize wrote in early April 2022 before Kajala took him back.

Fast forward to July 2022, Kajala has ultimately assumed her new role as Harmonize’s manager.

The Bongo singer announced on social media that her fiancée had started the new role as his manager.

“If you see me shinning just know my beb did it. Frida Kajala started her job officially today,” Harmonize wrote.


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