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Kelvin Kinuthia Opens Up About Dating And His Close Relationship With Waweru


People mistakenly believe Kinuthia is gay because he advertises female clothing.

Normally, Kinuthia wears while donning high heels, cosmetics, and wigs. The popular internet celebrity, Kelvin Kinuthia reveals he is dating a very beautiful lady.

Additionally, Kelvin Kinuthia has made it clear that he and his cameraman Waweru Kungu are not romantically involved.

Before their connection took off, Kinuthia and his photographer became acquaintances via online channels.

Due to how closely they are attached, Waweru, who also features in Kinuthia’s videos, has been suspected and linked to being the TikToker’s partner.

“People have jumped into conclusions about my sexuality just because I have makeup, I do my name and I cross-dress. They should relax and wait until I am ready to speak about it.” Kelvin complains.

On his side, Waweru says, “The worst misconception is that people think Kinuthia pays my bills and that we live in the same house.”

“Our friendship is based on just that we do work together,” he further adds.

Kinuthia is single and he insists he would never hide his partner.

“I get so many love requests but I am not ready to date,” the cross-dresser boasts.

“In the future, I will date, but for now, I am very young. I think dating is too hectic for me. I might end up focusing more on the relationship and forget to make money. I am just 21 years,” he continues.

Waweru claimed to be in a relationship, however his girlfriend does not use social media.

His partner, he claimed, is terrified of bullies.

“I have tried so much for her to accept so that I post her on my social media platform but she does not want to be revealed online,” Waweru says.

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