Samidoh is a ladies man, as his wife you must take medicine for the pressure that comes with his shenanigans.

Recently, the Mugithi music star was seen in a cozy video with a beautiful, young woman called Nyoks Malisafi. Fans couldn’t control their excitement, at the same time sparking rumors that she could potentially be his new woman.

Joan notes that being Sadimoh’s woman can make one sick and under medication. “lakini kuwa bibi ya samido lazima tu dawa za pressure,” she says.

Making fun out of the situation says,”utumishi kwa wote” since the Agikuyu singer has a wife and a whole relationship with Senator Karen Nyamu.

A Kikuyu love song played in the background as Nyoks encircled Samidoh in her arms and looked at him with a burning intensity.

After the drama involving him and Karen Nyamu that had taken place just one month prior, the lovely Kikuyu woman may have opted to approach Sammy, singing to him and calming his heart.

The Kikuyu song, a ballad about a woman’s devotion to her man, had whipped up a frenzy in the comment area.


kahora tukinyukie by Nyoks Malisafi thanks sana @Samidoh #kikuyuisbae #mwomboko #jackienyoks

♬ original sound – ᴺʸᵒᵏˢ ᴹᵃˡⁱˢᵃᶠⁱ💞

manzi wa embu 014 “@samidoh_muchoki hawezi kaa mahali hakuna kuma 😂😂tumekuzoea sasa, eddy zoea bwana yako”

Tapiz says, “muchoki witu niweka kaundu karia o ringi 😅😅😅”

Suzie Sue745reminds them to update when she gets pregnant, “😂😂Next time mtaimba akiwa na babybump.”

carolinewanjiru308 says, “yani hi imeenda tena…”

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