“Pengine ameona Kapesa yangu imeenda chini,” Manzi wa Kibera’s elderly lover Samuel Ndunda Nzuki has opened up after being heartbroken by the socialite.

According him, he feels that Manzi wa Kibera is ghosting him after realizing that he is in a  financial crisis.

Manzi wa Kibera move came just when they were planning to have a big wedding.

“Manzi wa Kibera, we were plan our wedding but when I call her she doesn’t pick. I have not heard from her. I don’t know why she has ran away from me like that. Our love is real but she is running away, our wedding clothes are ready, I don’t know what is wrong but maybe she is after her own things out there,” he told Nicholas Kioko.

“It is like she has seen I am broke, and is no longer  interested in our affair, she has been taking me in circles,” he added.

He noted that Manzi wa Kibera character had changed in the recent days and doesn’t inform him where she goes to.

“Her behavior is not good but when I try to correct her she ignores,” he said.

According to the old man, their wedding had been scheduled for June. He added that he has now incurred losses because he had already bought her wedding dress.

He said that the gown cost him about Kshs45,000 while his own clothes were Kshs12,000.

Asked on why he they decided to publicize their relationship, Ndunda said that it was a form of security. He added that he participated in Manzi wa Kibera’s clout because it was not a difficult job.

“I don’t have energy to do any other heavy work. But this job is just about talking and being open, I don’t carry anything but its not a lie our love was true,” he said.

He further said that he was willing to patch up things with the socialite.

“Manzi wa Kibera I want to talk with with you so that we can proceed with our plans. Will you be available or not? You know where to find me,” he said.

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