Stevo Simple Boy is now seriously crushing on 40-year-old mother of one Frida Kajala Masanja.

The Kibera rapper claims he recently got some money and thus wanted to surprise Kajala with a pricy gift.

“Nimepata kitu kidogo nataka nichukulie @kajalafrida shamba,” Stevo Simple Boy wrote.

Stevo posted a photo of the Tanzanian actress and accompanied it with a snippet of one of his songs, where he is heard openly asking for the number of the voluptuous Tanzanian actress.

“Unapenda dem unanunua maua, kesho kesho huyo ndio anakuua. Nimechoka sana nipe number ya Kajala…” he rapped.

Kajala broke up with Harmonize in December 2022.

In May 2023, Kajala revealed she was dating a Kenyan politician moments after she arrived in Nairobi.

The Bongo Movie actress was in Kenya for a charity event that was held on April 22, 2023.

Kajala revealed she was dating a Kenyan politician while speaking during an interview with Mzazi Willy Tuva.

The mother of one disclosed that she has been dating the Kenyan politician for the past two months now.

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