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The Number Of Cows Akothee And Family Want As Dowry Payment


Akothee is happy that Omosh is ready to pay for dowry to make their marriage official.

She was taken his relatives to her home area of Rongo as they tour the region, revealing there are plans to negotiate for dowry payments.

Akothee is also treating her in-laws to Luo dishes and delicacies like Fish, Omena, Ugali and Uji.

She took the family on tour at Sony Sugar Company, which produces sugar.

“Simply the sweetest.不不不” Akothee says.

“Our in-laws had to visit Sony sugar to understand why Akothee is Soo sweet.” she adds.

“I come from Migori county where we manufacturer our own sugar from our own sugar canes. We are not suffering like what you see on CNN Kenya is rich with rich natural resources.THE GREAT SONY SUGAR IS LOCATED IN AWENDO. THE BEST SUGAR FROM MY HOOD.”

Jokingly, she further says, “Waongeze ngombe ichukue ngombe ingine 不不!”

Her dowry negotiations has reached 50 cows she reveals, although, there are no set up photos to show the negotiation process.

“Tumefika 50 cows now bikos of Sony sugar tukifika Makalda kwa gold ,titaitisha 60 cows 不不! Denis Omondi get ready!” she shouts excitedly.


Akoth’s life is full of happiness, these days since she began dating Mister Omosh. A day never passes before her drowning social media with praises and PDAs sessions at their farm and home, in Rongo.

She’s enjoying the relationship and that’s all that matters.


Additionally, she said that Omosh is a man in control and he knows how to make her feel loved and appreciated like a woman in love.

She did not experience this kind of loving with her previous boyfriends and baby daddies.

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