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The Only Reason Akothee Loves Mister Omosh


Akothee loves Omosh for this important trait that every man must have.

Madam Boss, Akothee announced that Omosh and his family will visit his home in Rongo and ask for her hand in marriage officially.

This comes days after she missed her sister’s traditional wedding. Cebbie Koks is married to popular lawyer Steve Ogolla but the Sweet Love hit maker did not attend the ceremony.

The two sisters have traded their differences publicly before.

To make it public that Omosh is planning to marry her, she posted via her social media page.



“Then Dunga beach for The great Lake Victoria RECH (Tilapia )
Halafu Rongo pap. For negotiations.”


Unaona Hawa watatoa ngombe ngapi ama tupewe tu swiss francs mambo iishe? Mnataka Ngombe ama pesa? Ama Yote?” she asked her online in-laws yesterday.

Since they began dating, Akoth has be drowning his social media pages with her newly found perfect and sweet lover.

Ever wondered why, she wants to be called Mrs Omosh without any further delay?

Omondi Buys Akothee Ksh5 Million Land To Soothe The Pain Of Losing Their Unborn Baby

She says, “My chairman Mr Omondi Denis.Thank you very much Sir for coming into my life,you are the best thing that happened in my life 2022 now let’s walk the journey my Omosh @misteromosh Love you to the ROOOOOTS!”

“Saying Yes to the brains sweetie.” Akoth reveals her man is a brain of works, just the perfect match to idealize all their dreams together;and that’s why she loves him to death.

Akothee and Mista Omosh

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