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Thirsty Kenyans React As Betty Kyallo Posts A ‘Just Wet Wet Wet’ Video

Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo is having a good year in 2023 and she’s ready for a new man, child, you name it.

After enjoying her self in Naivasha to cool off, Betty Kyallo is facing her goals head on.

Miss Kyallo is already working out in the gym for that killer body and getting wet as she sweats off the bad calories.

As Justina Syokau sings in her hit song 2023, this is a year of expansion, in Swahili we say kupanuliwa which might also be a sexual connotation to mean having ones leg spread.

Betty says, she’s hoping for the best this year, without causing any problems with anyone.

Via a post on social media, she says, “Sina Ubaya Aki😎😎. Huu mwaka twendi twendi thili Ni Ma-blessings ya aina zote, Mtu, Chapaa, mapenz, MJunior, Biashara… nimesahau nini ama Nani?”

“Kila Jibu Itakuwa … Ni God ✅”

But as usual, thirsty Kenyans, have overseen beyond her working out video session and they taken their thoughts elsewhere.

_brunolee says, “😂😂mwaka wa kupanuliwa!”
iam_kivoto adds, “Kupanuliwa pia 😂😂😂😂!”
Via her stories, miss Kyallo uploaded a video working out at the gym with a caption, “Just, Wet Wet Wet” with the hit song ‘Wet’ playing in the background, leaving men in a wild frenzy as they enjoy her view.
Betty Kyallo
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