Karen Nyamu has been accused of drinking like a fish while following Samidoh around the world instead of focusing on her job as a senator.

Karen Nyamu has been attacked for following Samidoh to Australia to ‘mark her territory’.

The mother of two, who is a senator, was slammed for following Samidoh like a tail when she should be in Parliament deliberating on matters of national importance.

Samidoh is in Australia as part of her music tour. Nyamu tagged along even though she is not part of the singer’s music team.

“Australia ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Honey Samidoh❤️❤️,” Karen Nyamu wrote on Facebook.

Nyamu rubbed some netizens the wrong away again when she was seen enjoying a drink aboard a plane at Hamad International Airport in Qatar.

“Shooting for Kenyan coffee, makes the best latte. Enjoy 12,000 meters above sea level ☕️☕️ In my other life i know i was a model 😁😁,” Karen Nyamu wrote.


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Some people speculated that Nyamu wasn’t drinking coffee as she said but alcohol.

A netizen blasted Nyamu while demanding to know if she ever does her work as a senator.

“Utafanya kazi ama ni kulewa,” Lawi Denis asked Nyamu,

“@lawidenis Nani alikwambia zote haziwezi fanyika bro?,” Karen Nyamu responded.


Karen Nyamu is known for her love for the drink. She has also been spotted publicly smoking bhang.

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