“I was a bad friend and I admitted it. I explained all that” Maxwell Mwamburi has admitted to wronging several celebrities including Vera Sidika.

Vera and Maxwell Mwamburi were previously best friends but their good relationship went down the drain. Mwamburi went ahead to call out Vera claiming that she threw him out of her house in the wee hours of the night.

According to him, Vera Sidika was not okay with him coming out as gay.

“Vera had a problem with me coming out. Whenever we wanted to go for a meeting she wanted me to wear a suit but I was not okay with it. I felt like she was being homophobic,” he explained in an interview with Oga Obinna. He further noted that Brown Mauzo was not his type when asked if he was the reason of their fallout.

During a question and answer session with his fans, Mwamburi ate the humble pie and apologized for his mistakes. He also revealed that he reached out to Vera and her husband Brown Mauzo to ask for forgiveness.

“Late last year, I reached out to her and Brown  Mauzo through a mutual friend Aziza Frisby for any defamation caused. They never responded nor reached out. Which is okay. I have since forgiven myself. I was a bad friend and I admitted it. I explained all that but life goes on and I wish them all the best,” he said.

He further asked his fans to pass his apologies to the celebrities saying they had blocked him.

“I can’t apologize directly because I was blocked in one way or the other. Y’all help me do it. Bombard their DMs tell them Maxwell has apologized for what he said and done. Public apology goes to Vera Sidika, Brown Mauzo, Kamene Goro, DJ Bonez and Victor Maish,” Maxwell Mwamburi said.

He went ahead to promise lunch worth 1000 to a fan who would send him screenshots of their apology messages to the five persons.

Vera Sidika has since reacted to the apology. Taking to her Insta story, the socialite said that she forgave him long ago.

“Received so many DMs from you about Maaxwell. I forgave him a long time ago. I don’t hold grudges . I am happy for his growth and acknowledging that he did wrong. I wish him all the best,” the mother of two said.



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